Established in 2020 in the North East of England, Neon Cave is a company that crafts beatifully made Neon signs with a team of experts right here in our office.

Already having a well-established business in making shop signage, we got inspired to take on a much harder challenge in making hand crafted neon signs as we saw a gap in the market so this made us passionate enough to take the role in creating something that customers will appreciate and will be able to showcase in any environment.

With our dedicated team of designers, we are able to make any design a customer wishes for and make their dream come true.

Our Mission

Our main focus is to produce the best product and beat competitors for the very best prices. we are constantly pushing the boundary to create unique designs and are committed to deliver our product as fast as possible to our customers.


Choose from a selection of over 100 designs or email us about a design which we'll be able to craft for you.

Personalised Neon Lights

If you are looking to buy a neon sign and are looking to add brightness and the right amount of luminosity to add that pop of color, then we can provide just that for you! Not even that, we make personalized neon signs and lights to have your creative stamp on them to add more value to them. Run your creativity as wild as possible as we can custom make any color you want or if you have some words of inspiration, we can also make them glow up in a unique font and place it where you want to draw inspiration from it every day.

You can personalize your neon light or sign with any text you want and add a personalized message if the bottom line does quite cut it for you. Our LED neon signs are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use and we make them safe to touch as very little heat is emitted.

So, get your creative juices running and give us a design that can make your walls look full of life.

Neon Signs for Home

Inspire your mornings and evenings with our custom-made LED neon signs and lights. We create awesome designs that will create a warm positive atmosphere in your home. Make the feel of your rooms exuberant or create something lighter, relaxed or romantic. Our neon LED lights can instantly change the mood of the room and make your house a special place for friends and family. You can also use our neon lights for decor or to gift and introduce friends to the therapeutic aura of neon lights and brighten up their homes, making it a gift to remember.

If you are looking to give your kitchen, bedroom, living room or bar a major face-lift then top it off with a LED neon light wall decoration to give it that extra oomph and make it look flashier.


our Signs are designed to last for 10-15 years and use the best material to increase durability which makes them hard to break.


our products consume 15% - 20% less energy than traditional neon and uses the same amount of electricity as a domestic light bulb.

Neon Signs for business

Businesses need that attraction to get people coming into their shops. With our indoor and outdoor LED neon lights, businesses can look uniquely different from their competition by replacing their shop name with a sparkly, flashy LED neon light sign and stand out from the rest of the competition and look approachable as well as bold.

It doesn’t matter what industry you fall into, be it retail, car dealerships, restaurants or shopping centers, LED neon lights do not just present the products but also determine the atmosphere of your shop which strengthens the experience of direct shopping. Illuminate your shop efficiently and precisely for the effective presentation of your products with our LED neon lights

Neon Signs for a home bar

Decided to build that home bar but needs a little bit of charm? Whatever theme you have decided for the for it, a LED neon sign completes the “bar” look.

Look no further as we’ve got all that you need from something small as a shelf neon sign or a bar cart that would fit on the wall and look perfect. We can produce large neon signs to give that excessive feel and we can also make it a custom-made sign that would give the personalized touch that you are looking for.

Light up your brand with LED Sign UK

Give us a call and we will help you clarify what kind of LED sign you should go for! We have staff working here ready to take your call and tackle any questions you ask and give you solutions to when it comes to buying a neon sign.